Russian Ms



At the beginning of August 2010 we moved to St Petersburg in Russia.  We are both working for the first time this year and helping develop people in our office here, whilst taking every possible opportunity to learn Russian and spending our time rushing about experiencing this most interesting culture and country.  Rushing about is required because if we do not we will become smetana filled blimps in very short space of time.

To improve our upload frequency we will simplify things by just adding pages of photos as we move about.  When the muse strikes us, or it is raining, snowing or just nasty outside we will add some more descriptive musings on what we are experiencing.  So look at the menu bar and look at what you have not seen before.

We have a flat in St Petersburg.  It is a one bedroom unit in a modern building with some stunning views of the city.  We will make it to Ikea shortly to acquire the fold out couch which will be home to all of our visitors.

The Hermitage and all the good stuff to see and do in the city is within walking distance and for the sqeamish we can buy South African wine, meat that looks and tastes like meat, lots of sushi and burgers.  The language is a challenge but we should be able to help or point at things a lot with authority to get what you need, so get booking people, only 5 months left before we head out.

Done with travelling we are now Russian

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

We have finished this years stint as travellers we are now working for our keep.  Russia will be our base for a while.  This page will log our adventures.

Click the picture below to go to our old site.  We will finish day.